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V2 Cigs is one of the most affordable ways to switch to e-cigarettes, and if you use a V2 Cigs coupon or V2 cigs discount code when you place an order, you can enjoy even more savings with each kit, refill, battery, e-liquid bottle, and accessories.

December 2013 Coupon Codes For V2 Cigs

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35% OFF Holiday Items

Holiday Items marked down 20%, Use special coupon for additional 15% OFF

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35% OFF Happy Holiday Kit

20% OFF Automatically + 15% OFF Coupon

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15% OFF All Kits

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10% OFF Everything

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20-50% OFF Clearance

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They recently introduced its 50ml Platinum E-Liquid, which gives you the rough equivalent of one pack of cigarettes for less than a dollar. With a coupon code you could even get your refills for less!

A 15% discount from your V2 coupon code means that you can purchase the entry level V2 Express Kit for as low as $20 or the top-of-the-line Ultimate Kit for only $150.

V2 Ecigs coupon codes are also great for cutting down long-term e-smoking expenses. Most V2 coupon codes do not expire so you can use them over and over again whenever you need new batteries, refills, blank cartridges, and chargers.

Expired 2013 Coupons For V2 Cigs

Coupon Review

V2 Cigs coupons can save you up to 40% when ordering ecig kits, refills, and accessories. If you’ve got mad couponing skills, you can turn your shopping spree into a bargain with those highly invaluable coupon codes.

Most coupon sites offer two types of V2 coupons – one for electronic cigarette kits and one for all other V2 products. The coupon code for V2 Cigs starter kits comes with a 15% discount while everything else is 10% off. These are already good deals but for expert penny pinchers the real gem can be found in seasonal sales.

V2 Cigs never runs out of holidays to celebrate. Whether it’s New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas, V2 Cigs will always have a reason to hold a sale. It is during these sale periods that V2 Cigs discount coupons become priceless.

Let’s say V2 Cigs is holding a 25% store-wide sale for five days. If you have a 15% off V2 coupon, you can save as much as 40% on any electronic cigarette kit purchase during that period. If you’re looking for gift ideas, this is the perfect time to stock up on Beginners Kits which should cost you only $20.97 each. The same discount combo will give you a Standard Kit for only $35.97 and an Ultimate Kit for just over $100.

V2 eCigs refills are already very cheap when compared to the industry average, but it sure won’t hurt if you could get them at rock bottom prices. Combine a 10% discount coupon with a seasonal sale of 20% off and you can order all the V2 flavor cartridges you want for just $1.39 each or pay around $21 for a 50ml e-liquid bottle.

Although V2 E Cigs is known for its remarkable prices, the brand never compromises quality in order to cut cost. In fact, V2 has become America’s favorite electronic cigarette because of its unparalleled combination of superior performance and great value.

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V2 electronic cigs offers three battery sizes in automatic or manual styles. You can pull a minimum of 160 puffs from a fully charged short battery, 200 puffs from the standard battery, and an amazing 300 puffs from the long battery. The ritual is very realistic – hold the ecig in your hand and draw a normal puff just as you would with a cigarette. Continue to our V2 cigs review here to learn more.

The vapor from V2 ecigs tastes like your favorite brand of smokes. There are three tobacco flavors and three menthol flavors so you can easily find the one that is most familiar to you or even experiment with non-tobacco flavored vapors such as coffee, chocolate, vanilla and cherry.

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By offering its nicotine cartridges and e-liquids in a range of different strengths, V2 electronic cigarettes allows smokers to cut back or totally quit the habit if that is their goal. The highest nicotine level is 24mg, which is comparable to the potency of unfiltered cigarettes. These V2 Cigs cartridges are not for everyone but heavy smokers love them. Those who prefer regular-strength cigarettes will get the same satisfaction from 18mg e-liquids. Cartomizers with 12mg nicotine produce a throat hit like light cigarettes while the lowest level of 6mg is similar to ultra-light smokes. Vapers also have the option to ditch the nicotine and simply enjoy the flavors of V2 ecigarettes. Zero-strength cartridges and e-liquids allow smokers to wean themselves off of nicotine without giving up the smoking ritual.

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V2 e cigs offers all the benefits of vaping while delivering a consistently good product. Unlike those cheap ecigs that have flooded the market, V2 E Cigarettes uses only the finest materials and implements a rigorous QC process to ensure impeccable quality and safety while maintaining a low price point. By using the v2 cigs coupon code you can try electronic cigarettes for less!

How To Save Using V2 Coupons

If you are new to smoking e-cigarettes (e-cigs) and thinking of getting one, then you probably must have heard long-time vapers talked about how they have saved loads of cash using coupons. Well, here is the thing. You are in for a treat. We will tell you how much you can save using a coupon for you to enjoy the full vaping experience without hurting your wallet.

Gift Certificates & Promo Codes For V2 Cigs

Promo codes are the way to go to cut down on your e-cig expenditures, especially now that the holidays are fast approaching. Here is a tip: always use a coupon code when purchasing something from V2 Cigs.

For example, if you use our discount code, you will get a 15% discount on all V2 Cigs starter kits. Yes, read that correctly. That is 15% on V2 Cigs Beginners Kits, Standard Kits, Standard Plus Kits, Couples Kits, and Ultimate Kits. Imagine how much you can save by availing a starter kit using the coupon. All you need to do is type in our discount code on the field of your favorite shopping cart and you are on your way to a fun vaping experience without spending too much money.

What is even better is that you can save some more if you combine our coupon with another promo code to get another 10% discount on non-starter kit items. You can get 10% discounts on other V2 Cigs accessories, while getting the most bang of your money when you purchase a starter kit. You can use the codes separately and get a total of 25% discount.

Can These Coupons Be Used at V2Cigs.co.uk / V2cigs.eu?

V2 is unique because it offers its customers myriad ways how to save up while enjoying its products full vaping glory. You can use our coupons all year round, all around the globe (meaning it works for V2Cigs.com UK and V2cigs.eu). You are also assured that it never expires! If you think you need a new battery, you can use our discounts. If you need new sets of cartridges, you can use our promo codes. You misplaced your charging cases? Well, you have our deals. Any type of accessories you need, our codes are always there. Again, they never expire.

All you need to do is follow some simple steps:

1. Go to V2 Cigs website

2. Check out the item of your choosing. You can find a clickable items and accessories section

3. Click add to cart the product/accessory of your choice

4. Click the link to reveal the code of your choice

5. Copy the code and then paste it into the coupon code box (remember: if you are getting the starter kit, it should be the 15% off deal, and the 10% off deal for other items)

6. Double check if the discount was subtracted from your total purchase.

7. Lastly, pay either as a guest or as a loyal and long-time customer. You need to log in to V2 Cigs’ website.

Want To Know More About V2cigs.com?

V2 Cigs is an e-cigarette Florida-based company founded in July 2010 by three ex-smokers. The founders have decided to give cigarette smokers an alternative without sacrificing the satisfaction one gets from smoking an actual cigarette.

The company has successfully distance itself from its competitors and continues to keep the number one spot in e-cigarette manufacturing and sales. Its product lines are world-class and remain number one in the industry making it an industry leader in the e-cig market. V2 Cigs has committed itself to creating and producing the highest quality its products can offer. You will be surprised that V2 Cigs’ high-grade, quality-controlled e-cigarettes come at a fraction of the cost of most e-cigs that are out in the market.

V2 Cigs is also the owners/creators of Vapor Couture. Vapor Couture is the girly version of V2 cigs. Their products are designed for women to create the ultimate feminine ecig. If you are a girl, take a look at vapor couture, you might be more interested in them then v2 cigs. We also have vapor couture coupon codes that provide the same discounts!

Why Should You Choose V2Cigs.com/V2Cigs.co.uk?

V2 Cigs is a cut above the rest because majority of e-cig brands work only as distributors, while their actual products are manufactured elsewhere (usually in China). With V2 Cigs, you are rest assured that all its products – from its design and engineering, to quality control and logistics – are all made in the U.S. by the best engineers and designers in the business. All products are assembled at certified V2 Cigs factories.

To ensure your safety, each batch of cartridges and e-liquids are tested periodically and the results of which are published online. V2 Cigs cares about transparency it discloses to the public each ingredient it uses for all its products. You can be guaranteed that you know exactly what it is you are smoking.

In 2012, the sales of e-cigarettes reached US$500 million according to the Tobacco Vapor electronic Cigarette Association. The millions in sales indicate that e-cigarettes are viable options to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes. No wonder other e-cigarette manufacturers and producers will race into the market and get their fair-share of the pie.

Amidst the hoopla and the noise, the V2 Cigs brand leads the battle for e-cigarette dominance and for good reasons. According to Alexa rankings, the site that monitors products and Internet sites rankings, V2 Cigs is currently the most popular e-cigarette brand in the U.S.

It is also worth noting that V2 Cigs still manages to keep its production cost down and offers you affordable starter kits, refill cartridges, batteries, accessories and e-liquids. Again, take note of this – all V2 Cigs products are very affordable.

How Much Can I Save With V2 Cigs?

It is no secret that buying a pack of cigarettes in the U.S. is almost equivalent to blue murder because it would cost you between US$5 and US$12. Multiply that price range to 30 days assuming you smoke a pack per day. Now multiply that monthly cigarette expenditure to 12 months. That is your total yearly cigarette cost.

If you are the budget-conscious type (and we hope everybody is), V2 Cigs offers a price range suitable to your spending habits. For example, you will pay as low as US41.49 if you purchase V2 Cigs pre-filled cartridges in bulk. If you do not mind refilling cartridges, you can get a 50ml bottle of V2 Platinum E-liquid that can fill 50 cartridges in which you pay 60 cents for a pack of cigarettes. Then add the discount and you get a 10% discount.

And if you have other issues concerning your purchase or anything under the sun about V2 Cigs products, the company has a magnificent customer support service that can professionally handle all customer concerns. V2 Cigs’ customer representatives are very knowledgeable of the different product lines and they are very courteous when handling a customer’s call concerns. They are very accessible via phone call, email, or chat and are available 24 hours a day.

V2 Cigs ships products through UPS to avoid long delivery as opposed to other e-cigarette companies that rely on the U.S. postal service. V2 Cigs has a US$5 flat shipping rate regardless of weight provided the order was made anywhere in the U.S. however, it is a little more expensive if orders are made internationally in which it would cost between US$40 and US$60. Finally, all V2 Cigs starter kits come with a 30-day money back guarantee and all its electronic components have warranty of up to five replacements.