MK1 Screwdriver Ecig Great Powers Packed In Small Body

by Julie

Are you looking for a petite electronic cigarette that you could conveniently carry or place inside your pocket wherever you go? The  MK1 Screwdriver Ecig offers you this option.  Despite its diminutive size, MK1 will not disappoint you because it is packed with great powers and capabilities.

MK1 Screwdriver Ecig Kit

MK1 Screwdriver Ecig Great Powers Packed In Small BodyThe ecig comes with 510 cartomizer fitting.  This £69.99 worth kit contains 1 MK1 screwdriver body, 2 Trustfire 16340 protected lithium ion batteries with 800mAh capacity each, 1 charger, 5 SD cartomizers with 18 mg nicotine in Tobacco flavor, neck lanyard, wrist lanyard and soft leather pouch.

The charger that comes with the kit is US 110V plug fitted, but U customers could get adaptors for UK 220V outlets.

This kit offers the currently revised MK1 device. Now that it can fit a Trustfire protected battery, MK1 can operate longer.  The atomizer connection is likewise updated so you can use it with any 510 cartomizers that are more durable.

Inside this magnificent petit kit are power packed items to start vaping. The device is manually made in the UK where the manufacturer,  EcigScrewDriver ( has its own development and production facility.

Customers could return the device for service, but its construction is made to ensure that it will last for a lifetime. MK1 Screwdriver is an iconic ecig product because it is the first ever ecigarette of its type (so small, yet powerful) that the market and ecig community has seen.  Thousands of vapers all over the world are captivated by the good looks of this cute ecig and at the same time awed by it great performance.

Some people would think that the ecig is just for casual vaping as it will not last long enough judging from its size. Yet, you could be mistaken if this is your initial impression of MK1 screwdriver because it is a reliable device that could completely replace all cigarettes you could ever smoke.

This device is ideal for full time vapers. The manufacturer offers a range of high strength 18 mg SD kartos or cartomizers that each contain 1.5 ml of liquid.  f you are a first time vaper, only now making the switch, these cartomizers will be suitable replacements for your normal strength cigarettes.

One cartomizer can last for about 300 draws before a replacement cartomizer is needed.  More advanced vapers or users choose to refill cartomizers for better cost-efficiency.

MK1 is made with high grade aluminum so you are ensured that t will last.  the manual switch is also made durable.  You can get your MK1 in ether Copper Gold, Silver or Black.

Ordering from the website, you shipping costs will automatically be calculated by PayPal. Anywhere you are in the world, you can purchase and order this ecig.

Accessories For MK1

Valuable accessories to stock up on for your continuous MK1 vaping experience include the body, which is sold for £38.99 per piece.

The battery charger is £7.99 each and can also be used to charge MK2 batteries.  This charger has a US style plug with flat 2 pin. You need to use an adaptor if you need to use it with a UK outlet. The US-UK adaptor is worth £2.49.

Two Trustfire protected batteries can be ordered for £9.99.  These batteries can provide great run times and can also offer added protection against over charge and discharge.

If you like another soft leather pouch with the SD logo, you could buy it for £4.99.  The pouch could help protect the device against possible damages while inside a luggage or pocket.  You can also use it for MK2 device.

The neck lanyard is £2.49 each and is also perfect for Keyring, MK2 and Maxi devices.  A spare switch is £4.99 and has a black button, spring and bolt part.

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