New Premium Disposable Ecigs From American Heritage International

by Julie

American Heritage International has introduced to the public last Monday its new premium line of disposable electronic cigarettes. These products, which are the best in class is the awesome combination of great flavor and realistic soft filter. These products are definitely at the vanguard in terms of authenticity in taste, feel and look.

Primary Ingredients

American Heritage International uses Smoke Juice in its products.  The main ingredients used are all of food-grade quality.  They are also 100% made and produced in the USA; thus, ensuring safety and more enjoyment in every puff compared to the leading competitors.

Disposable Ecig Line

The disposable product line of American Heritage International consists primarily of 4 disposable products or varieties.  All these can be bought in single packs ($9.95 each) or in value packs of 3 (19.95).   Purchasing the value pack will certainly give you more value for money as you can get 3 devices for the price of only 2.

American Heritage Full Flavor Original has 18 mg of nicotine.  The Platinum variety contains 24 mg of nicotine.

Emerald menthol contains 9 mg nicotine. Cobalt Blue also has 9 mg of nicotine.  Soon, these products will be available in the nearest retail outlet in your area.

Why American Heritage

There are several reasons why you would prefer this brand over other products in the market.  One top reason is that the device can deliver authentic flavor that is just the same as real cigarettes.  You can try and confirm for yourself that American heritage products offer the most genuine taste.

Real smoking like experience is promised when you choose this brand. The product not only looks like real cigarette, but also feels and tastes like a tobacco cigarette.  The disposable ecig is complete with a soft filter and a body that looks like the traditional cigarette.

Ingredients used in making these products are all produced on American soil. Users need not worry that the products they are using were simply imported from other countries. All the main components of these disposables are safe and guaranteed to deliver enjoyable vaping experience compared to what other similar products can offer.

More people prefer this brand over the others. Other brands simply appear so popular because they are often sensationalized in many advertising media.  Yet, American Heritage products are actually preferred by 9 in every 10 Americans.

About The Company

New Premium Disposable Ecigs From American Heritage InternationalThe brand was created and formed based on the objective of creating the best product in the market that can deliver the most realistic experience comparable to real smoking.

The company’s emerging growth is aimed at benefiting from the equally fast growth on the electronic cigarette industry.  The competitive advantage and product model place the company in a position for capturing significant share in the market.

Its management team is composed executives with proven success records in emerging companies that bring winning products to the market.

The current position of the company will help it make the most out of the ecig market in the US that is projected to be worth $1.7 billion.

Its position will hep it to successfully source the development and the manufacturing of products. It can also effectively manage product exportation and importation.

It is on a position to identify and to secure product distribution across the US.  With is current standing, the company can produce and create successful marketing campaigns.  It can also sell online to customers through web marketplaces.

All its product fulfillment processes will be completed with efficiency.  All aspects of the electronic media could be utilized optimally.

The company’s keys to success include its dedicated effort in offering superior quality products that are cost effective; dedicated effort in building strategic alliances; dedicated effort in enhancing professionalism; continuous development of innovative ecig products and proper disclosure to the financial world of crucial information.

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