Vape Your Best With NicStick Ecigs

by Julie

NicStick Ecigs are products offered by a private corporation that is proud to be an American-based company. The key to its fast growth is the alignment of the entire organization to the philosophy of providing customers and employees the best possible experience. It regards customers as its life blood and considers their different purchasing options.

NicStick Ecigs Details

Every tank cartridge from NicStick can last from three to four weeks of use.

The e-liquid it offers is high quality. The main ingredient in the e-liquid is PG or propylene glycol. PG is a crucial ingredient because it is an agent that helps vaporize the liquid to simulate smoke effect.

Glycerin is also an ingredient used in NicStick e-liquid. It is odorless and colorless. It is used in various food products such as fruit preserves, candies and cakes.

The e-liquid may also contain nicotine depending on the strength that a customer purchases. Offered nicotine levels are from 0 mg up to 24 mg.

Ethyl Maltol is also used in sweetening the e-liquid flavors. Another sweetening ingredient used is Acetyl Maltol that can also be found in potatoes, nuts, coffee, cocoa and bread.

The basic heterocyclic compound Pyridine is also added. It has no color, a weak alkaline, water soluble and flammable. To give the e-liquid a nutty flavor, Trimethylpyrazine is added, which is also used in cosmetic products and flavor agents.

One cartridge is equivalent to about 1 pack of cigarette. One 5 ml ejuice bottle can last as long as 3 cigarette packs and a 15 ml bottle is equal to 9 cigarette packs.

Flavors offered by NicStick are USA/Mix Non-menthol, Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Turkish Blend and HorsePower-Energy Blend.

Products Offered

NicStick has excellent products for both new and advanced users of electronic cigarettes.

It offers a 6-pack XL Disposable NicStick Ecigs for $51. One disposable device can produce up to 500 puffs. You need not worry about assemblies, refilling or charging. This disposable product is ideal for those to travel and for those who are beginner users of NicStick or of electronic cigarettes.

It comes in two flavors: Regular USA mix and menthol. Three nicotine levels are also available: strong at 3.6%, Regular at 2.4% and lite at 1.8%.

Its Sirius Deluxe starter kit can be bought for $26.99. It is actually a new cartomizer product from NicStick. This reusable device will not bother you about refills. This is because its cartomizers are already pre-filled.

When the e-liquid in a cartomizer is used up, you need to replace it with a new one. Each time you replace the cartomizer, you also replace the atomizer so vapor production is always at its best.

The Sirius kit contains 2 rechargeable batteries that can be recharged up to 300 times, 2 pre-filled cartomizers and 1 USB charger.

The eGo Clear Express Special from NicStick is offered for $34.95 and is the newest single kit offered. It comes with a battery rated at 650mAh and with a lifespan of 300 charge times. Each full charge offers 24-48 continuous hours of vaping.

This kit likewise comes with eGo clear atomizer that can be refilled 30-40 times. This is an affordable kit especially for travelers and heavy smokers.

It also offers EGO Clear DUO for $49.95. It is basically like the eGo express, except that its kit contains 2 batteries, 2 refillable eGo tanks, wall adaptor, USB charger and 10 ml bottle of ejuice in either menthol or regular flavor and 18 or 24 mg nicotine.

You may also get yourself a Tank EGO Electronic Cigarette for $49.95. With this you can have 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 3 pre-filled cartridges, soft carry case, USB charger and wall adaptor.

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