Variable Voltage APV: Sigelei ZMAX VS iTaste SVD

by Julie

It is great to use a variable voltage APV because it lets you select the right level of power and voltage that will suit your vaping needs and preference.

When shopping for variable voltage APV, you will discover that you will not have limited products to choose from. Different ecig manufacturers have come up with their versions of variable voltage devices and here are two of the very best products in the market.

Sigelei Zmax V5 Apv Mod

Variable Voltage APV Sigelei ZMAX VS iTaste SVDThis is sold by for only $78.99.  You can choose to have a Stainless Steel Zmax or a Gunmetal Zmax by adding $5 to your purchase amount.

The selling price does not include a charger, but you have the option to add a charger of your choice at an additional charge such as $21.99 for a Nitecore I2 charger. You also have option to add ecig batteries to your order like 2 IMR Efest 18350 batteries 800mAh with button top for $9.99.

Zmax V5 has menu #9 that enable phone charging or use of USB adaptor accessory that only this V5 version has.  This telescoping version is the most advanced Zmax.

It has not just variable voltage features, but also mean and RMS modes.  You can easily access the features using the OLED screen.  This device can accommodate various types of batteries.  The added extension end cap offers more flexibility in terms of battery configurations with IMR batteries.

This variable voltage APV is the epitome of great aesthetics and high performance.   Voltage range is 3-6 volts with 0.1 increments; power range is 3-15 watts with 0.5 watt increments.

Output limit is 5A.  It is protected from short circuits, low resistance and low voltage.  The package you ordered mainly contains a Zmax V5 body and charging adaptor for mobile phones.

Innokin iTaste SVD

You can buy this device from various vendors such as where this APV is sold for $79.95.  With this price, you will get only the unit and its instruction manual. This manual comes in a downloadable format. However, the vendor provides you with an option to make your order into a complete kit.

You can choose to add batteries and charger. For example, an additional TR-001 black charger costs an additional $9.50 and a 18650 2000mA battery with button top is for extra $8.99.

This iTaste SVD is powerful and reliable, well built and packed with great features.  Voltage range is 3-6 volts while wattage range is 3-15 watts.  This device can accept 18350 batteries, 18500 and 18650 IMR batteries.

It can accommodate different sizes of batteries because of the device’s telescoping design.  As long as the lithium ion battery is protected and with button or flat top IMR, it will make the device functional.

The SVD has the capability to check the resistance of atomizer or cartomizer as well as remaining voltage in the battery.

Its design also involved protection against short circuit, reverse battery, overtime vaping and low voltage.

It will warn you when the voltage is already low. It will also warn you in case you have been vaping for over a long period already or taking draws longer than necessary.

All the necessary information about your vaping will be displayed on the LED display. This built-in display can show up to 3 digits.  You can see here the resistance of the atomizer. You can also view here the level of wattage or voltage. Moreover, this screen will also display the output voltage of atomizer.

It is compatible also with a wide variety of units and accessories like iClear10, iClear30, iClear16, CE5, CE4, eGo, 510, Vivi Nova and more.

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