V2 Cigs Accessories

Make your ecig experience a more pleasurable one with V2 Cigs accessories.

V2 Cigs has designed the widest selection of e-cigarette accessories in the industry. Whether you want to use your e-cig at your computer, in your car, or while traveling overseas, V2 Cigs offers a choice of accessories to fit your needs.

If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, you can save your batteries for later by using the Power-Cig or Notebook-Cig from V2. Both cigs are powered by a standard USB port. The Notebook-Cig is built for laptop use while the Power-Cig has a 7-foot stretch enhanced cord so you can plug it into the USB port of a CPU that’s located under a desk. V2’s USB cigarettes are not subject to battery degradation, so the vapor thickness stays consistent.

What do V2 Cigs Batteries look like?

A must-have accessory in any e-cig kit is the USB charger. V2 Cigs has updated its USB charger with an internal chip that charges nearly two times faster than its old version and incorporates safety features to prevent overcharging.


For more charging options, connect the V2 Express Charger to a Wall Adapter or 2amp Car Adapter. V2 Cigs has special wall adapters for when you travel to the UK or other EU countries.

Carry cases are important when you are on the move. V2 offers two types of cases – soft fabric and sleek metal – so you can bring all your e-cig gear with you in an organized manner.

One of the most popular accessories in the V2 lineup is the portable charging case. It’s both a charger and a carry case packed in a slim, ergonomic design. The V2 portable charging case can charge up to four standard batteries in the absence of a wall outlet, car cigarette lighter, or USB port.

V2 Cigs also offers lanyards, drip tips, and universal adapters.