A Look At Cheap Mattresses

Many brands offer cheap memory foam and coil spring mattresses for a low, low price. Consumers find this new pricing attractive, but what they don’t know is that these mattresses are poor quality. In an effort to preserve low pricing, companies often cut corners mainly on the inner support systems.

Memory foam mattresses are a great example of this problem. Companies will advertise using lightweight polyurethane, eco-conscious materials or botanical foam to manufacture their wares. The real problem is that these types of foam just don’t offer enough support! Latex memory foam is the only product proven to withstand the test of time and offer support in all of the right places.

Innerspring mattresses with individual coils are often manufactured to last for years. One of the easiest ways to determine the type of quality you have on your hands is by checking the weight. As a good rule of thumb, your queen sized mattress should not weigh less than 100 pounds. If it does, clearly corners were cut and lesser quality materials were used!

There are some instances that a cheaper, lower quality mattress is acceptable. If you’ve chosen to stage your home for sale or have a rarely used guest room, an affordable option is a smart choice. However, if you need support for years to come, you need to reassess your potential mattress with a critical eye.

What Adds To The Cost Of A Mattress?

There are cases where the inner construction of the mattress doesn’t explain the high cost. In fact, furniture manufacturers tend to draw in consumers with fancy covers and advertising gimmicks to win them over. Here are just some of the ways that prices are raised (but don’t add value) when mattresses are manufactured:

-The use of a gel layer that is supposedly great at regulating body temperatures and adding softness.

-A thicker plush mattress is often seen as more desirable, therefore, many companies add these tags and an unnecessary layer to draw in consumers.

-One-sided mattresses are often seen as a good thing, when they don’t actually give you anything for your money. Having the ability to flip your mattress provides the best value there is— a longer lasting construction!

A Real Look At Bed Frames

Your bed consists of a chosen mattress and a great frame. Many people tend to purchase both together to update their rooms. You really need to step back and evaluate your needs before selecting your frame. There are many cheap frames available— most under $300. The real issue lies in the quality of construction and the poor finishes that contribute to a low-end look. If you plan to change your frame in a couple of years, a cheap one can do the job, but if you expect years of service, be prepared to expand your budget!

At the end of the day, when taking into consideration value, the quality of construction and the support they offer, cheap beds do have a time and a place. These more affordable products are great for dorm rooms, guest rooms and children’s bedrooms as they are a temporary solution. If you expect your mattress to last the recommended 8 to 10 years, spending some extra money is necessary.


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