Beard boost: Enhance Your Facial Hair Growth with Neofollics serum and products

Beard growth is something that many men experience during their lifetime. However, growing a full beard might not be as easy as you wanted. Some people experience patchy beards and others little growth. That’s why Neofollics Hair Technology developed facial hair growth products that can help you to stimulate beard growth and make the look & feel of your beard fuller. For example, Neofollics serum beard is advanced in promoting beard growth. This is because the serum consists of 10 stimulating ingredients that activate hair follicles by providing them with nutrition that it needs to grow.

How can I stimulate beard follicles to grow?

To stimulate beard follicles to grow you can follow a few tips in combination with using beard growth products that stimulate your hairs to grow at your entire beard line and not only on patchy spots. Firstly, for stimulating your beard follicles, you should maintain a healthy diet and eat well-balanced in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.  If you’re afraid that you won’t get enough vitamins and nutrients in your body, then you can use healthy beard tablets that contain lots of vitamins and nutrients and support your beard to grow.

Secondly, using a beard growth serum can also stimulate beard growth especially if it is designed to do so. A beard growth serum can consist out of various ingredients that work as mild beard growth promoter and in combination with using a beard growth roller you can provide your beard with necessary nutrients and stimulation of your hair follicles. This is because a beard growth roller makes microscopic holes in your skin which triggers a natural repair process that increases blood circulation and promotes growth of hairs.

Thirdly, trying to reduce stress, getting enough sleep, and having a good hygiene can also help to benefit your beard condition. Chronic stress can affect hormone levels, leading to hair loss. Managing stress can help to reduce hair loss and make you feel more comfortable in daily life. Getting enough sleep on the other hands helps to reduce hormone levels and rests out your body, which can affect hair growth. Lastly, keeping your beard and surrounding skin clean can help to prevent clogged pores and beard dandruff. Preventing clogged pores and dandruff can inhibit to healthy beard growth.


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