Design Trends that’ll Continue to Shape App Development

With immense digitalization, users are found engaged on web and mobile platforms more than ever. We tend to use our phones every few minutes at home, at work, when eating, and even in bed. You may be reading this on your mobile or tablet right now.

With digital screen sizes varying from mobile and tablets to laptops, and larger displays, companies are investing hugely in developing and delivering user experience. The rising technological evolution gives birth to changing UX design trends, they never stay the same.

In this article, we will discuss some of the leading app design trends that are and will continue to revolutionize the app development industry in the year to come.

In-App Gestures

If you think that app development is all about design, you need to rethink. Gestures are preferably the first thing that we consider when thinking about apps. We touch the screen, scroll it, swipe it, rotate it, swap it, and so on. So, app development by react development company is above and beyond design and gestures are an important part; so, use them intuitively.

Augmented Reality

The total number of mobile augmented reality user devices in 2020 was 0.6 billion worldwide. With AR technology rising at a fast pace, this figure is expected to grow to up to 1.73 billion by 2024. So, include augmented reality in your list of the latest app design trends. Companies often hire a team of experts with expertise in developing app development strategies.

React Native Development

According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey, React Native is ranked one of the most popular cross-platform development tools. It’s easy to learn and developers can use it to build iOS and Android-compatible mobile apps. In addition, using React Native platform can save you time, effort, and money.


If you are new to the term neomorphism – it’s the evolution of both flat design and skeuomorphism. In this design style, the user interface elements replicate the shape, colour, textures, and other attributes of real-world objects. It is used by developers for creating mobile-app icons and other UI elements.

Dark Mode Interface

Dark mode is another popular design trend for mobile app development as it reduces eye strain. By minimizing the use of bright pixels, the dark mode helps save battery. Dark themes are preferably appropriate for OLED displays because they lengthen the screen lifespan. When designing dark themes, make sure they are stable and legible.


Following all the design trends for your next mobile app development is challenging. Moreover, deciding what’s best for your business requires expertise and thorough consideration. So, it’s good to hire competitive react native services to develop mobile applications that perform well on all platforms.


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