Polish Christmas baubles

There are countless established ways of decorating the Christmas tree in the world. But if we’re to look for the most original and memorable one, Christmas baubles would certainly come to mind. These intricate, colorful ornaments are seen as something essential for Christmas in many countries, including Poland, where baubles have especially long and cherished history. Today, in the age of global trade, they have already managed to gain popularity in other places. No surprises there – everyone who sees them for the first time must simply fall in love with them

What’s the story behind Christmas baubles?

Christmas decorations have a history that dates back to several ancient cultures, including Egypt and Rome. Even in the pagan era, in the time surrounding the Winter Solstice the evergreen trees used to be brought into the houses. Back in those days they were being adorned with edible products, like fruits or pieces of cake.

This custom in turn has survived in Europe up to the Middle Ages and Renaissance, especially in the German-speaking countries, where the tree was the essential part of the traditional Christmas-themed plays. Then, in the 18th and 19th century, German tree decor started to take a more durable shape in the form of the hand-blown Christmas baubles.

At first simply an obscure local tradition, it has quickly spread to neighboring countries, including Poland to UK and US. The baubles, which have previously been made by several local families for their own use, have become a booming business. Polish bauble makers, especially in the West of the country, have also started to make a name for themselves.

They’ve become renowned for their sophisticated, hand-painted designs and high quality bauble glass. Today, the best and most prized bulk Christmas baubles are still being produced in Poland – the wholesale orders come from all over the world!

Buying Christmas baubles – how to choose the perfect baubles?

Glass baubles may look the same from the outside, but when it comes to picking only the best, they couldn’t be more different. Cheap, no-name baubles often come from the Asian factories, where standards of safety and quality aren’t necessarily so strict. If you’re intent on ordering the finest wholesale baubles, you should look elsewhere and stay away from such offers.

What’s more, it’s customary to buy Christmas baubles wholesale for individuals and businesses alike. After all, to decorate a large Christmas tree using the same color scheme you will need lots and lots of them! Because of that, it’s vital that the bulk Christmas baubles we choose are being produced by a trusted manufacturer with quality management processes in place.

The ideal example here are the family-owned, trusted Christmas Balls Factory like the Joyland Factory in Krzywiń, Poland. The things to look for when ordering baubles are descriptions of the production process, durability, the details of the materials and paints being used (lead-free is a must!) and the instructions on how to care for the baubles to make them last. This way, the unique set of baubles you choose will bring you joy for many years to come!


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