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Cooperation with an experienced tax advisor is crucial for safe and smooth business development.

Cooperation with an experienced tax advisor is crucial for safe and smooth business development. Tax regulations, case law and interpretations are complex and change quickly. Tax strategies used yesterday may not work today.

Keeping up to date and analysing all changes in tax legislation is not only difficult but also time-consuming. It poses a major challenge even for companies with in-house tax departments. A mistake in interpreting the regulations or one resulting from ignorance can cost a lot and, as a consequence, shake the financial stability, so it is worth taking care of the companys tax security.

The solution to maintaining the tax safety of a company is cooperation with an experienced and qualified tax advisor, who will provide professional support in correctly understanding the law. A tax advisory specialist will help you consider the effects of tax changes in the long term, which will allow you to safely develop your business.

Assistance of tax advisors

As part of tax advisry services, clients receive both ongoing support with regard to CIT, PIT and VAT, as well as assistance in areas selected by the company, e.g. tax services for investments, preparation of transfer pricing documentation, assistance in taking advantage of tax reliefs, reporting tax schemes or withholding tax. We also offer internal tax audits and support in accounting for seconded employees.

In each case, we comprehensively analyse the clients situation and verify all related taxes and other public-law liabilities. Comprehensive support services are also provided – from needs analysis to implementation of corrective measures. Assistance is provided in the selection of optimum tax solutions and the fulfilment of administrative and reporting obligations under applicable domestic and international law.

Tax services Europe – additional services

Additional tax advisory services include:

  • Client support in the field of international tax planning, as well as in the field of comprehensive transfer pricing services
  • Support and representation of clients during tax and fiscal audits, as well as in tax proceedings, including before administrative courts. On behalf of our clients, specialists apply for individual interpretations of tax law regulations;
  • Supporting clients in criminal fiscal proceedings, including preliminary proceedings.
  • Indirect taxes

Services provided by vat agent (Europe) if indirect taxes include:

  • ongoing service in the area of VAT, including preparation of summary declarations and Intrastat declarations,
  • Acting as a tax representative for non-EU companies,
  • handling applications for refund of Polish VAT for EU and non-EU businesses,
  • VAT and PCC advisory services,
  • VAT registration for Polish and foreign companies


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