The most popular wallpaper designs for the living room

Wall murals are extremely popular decorations that allow you to achieve stunning visual effects in modern interiors. Thanks to them, you can decorate troublesome walls, and even play with the space a bit, optically increasing it or making it cozier. And which wall murals are best to choose for the living room?

3D wallpapers to adorn living room

3d wall murals are a real hit, especially in small interiors. Thanks to them, you can play with the size in an interesting way, without increasing it! It is enough to choose motifs depicting roads, bridges, narrow streets or panoramas to make the interior optically more spacious. Such wall murals are perfect for small, well-lit rooms.

An alternative to natural motifs will be abstractions, also influencing the perception of space. Wall murals with a 3D effect can turn your head, and thus distract from a small space. However, be careful – after a long time such decoration can tire your eyes, so it is better to allocate a small wall for it.

Elegant living room wall murals

Wall murals are a great alternative to traditional wallpapers and any other decorations. They are a real treat for lovers of minimalism! While they used to be associated with a multitude of patterns and colors, now a huge selection of wall murals will surely surprise you with delicate, subtle and very elegant decorations. Flower motifs with macro shots in beautiful, pastel colors look great, perfect for romantic-style living rooms. In general, plant patterns are quite popular, because among them you can find both expressive, saturated with colors, full of dynamics images perfect for modern interiors, as well as very light wallpapers that will give a room a quiet, cozy atmosphere.

Wall murals instead of renovation?

The use of photo wallpapers as substitutes for other materials is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to them, in a simple, clean, fast and, above all, much cheaper way, you can obtain such motifs as architectural concrete, bricks or wood on the walls. Such wall murals will give you a great, decorative effect, and above all, save a lot of time. What’s more – if the concept changes, it is enough to simply change the photo wallpaper, thanks to which it will completely change the character of the room.

Wall murals for the living room are a great way for a quick and effective decoration. Their large selection means that everyone can easily find something suitable for themselves.


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