Tracking pregnancy with app

Nowadays we have apps for almost everything. Calories counters to support our diet, maps to easily navigate in unknown places or even stress controlling apps, which let us cool down in difficult situations. Pregnancy apps are getting attention especially among dads, who find them the best way to actively support their partners.

Pregnancy app – what is it?

Pregnancy tracker app is a tool which allows us to follow our baby’s development. Usually it provides us with reliable information about our child’s estimated weight, height and currently developed organs. We can also read up what our little one is capable to do at this stage e.g. hear us or feel scared. 

Pregnancy app can also have a section to write down mom’s well-being, her weight and what does she like most at that moment. After time it can be a surprise, what our partner used to eat in the first trimester 😉

With time, options like movement control or contraction tracers will gain the importance. Having our notes in pregnancy app allows us to be always prepared for doctors interview.

Pregnancy app – do I really need it?

You can go through the pregnancy without it but… why? Information provided in pregnancy apps are prepared by specialists, paediatricians and gynecologists, therefore there is no point to exchange them for information gained by googling the internet.  

These apps can also teach us how to became a dad. They answer the dad’s questions we can be struggling with but ashamed to admit. There is nothing worse than being unprepared and believe me, after birth there will be no time to catch up with arrears.

When the moment comes, you will be able to check down your hospital must have list and to write down the contractions. While in hurry and emotions, checking them on paper may be inconvenient. In this type of situations our memory is usually not working properly and the last thing we would like to do is to forget anything from home.

Pregnancy app – which one to choose?

It depends what you are looking for. Serious app with many scientific information focused more on the baby’s development and biological facts or rather an app pal, with a dozen of jokes and funny information. There are even ones who provide you with pregnancy friendly recipes to take over the kitchen or ones that prepare a baby shopping list for you. 

First focus on what you will need on this journey and then choose your pregnant app for dads. It’s a good idea to consult your decision with your partner, to see if there is something more that will be needed, some additional feature or maybe we have too much of them? However, free or paid, funny or serious, simple or extensive – each pregnancy app for dads free will be a perfect match if only it meets YOUR needs.


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