What should make a bar mat stand out

Are you getting ready to open a diner or perhaps you are an experienced bar owner? If so, you are surely aware of the importance of equipping the place with the right accessories. One of these is bar mats from PVC. If you do not have your right mat yet, this article will help you explore the secrets of the right bar mats. We encourage you to read on!

What is a bar mat?

A bar mat is a pad that is used by bartenders when working behind the bar. It is primarily used to stabilise utensils and as a place to prepare drinks, cocktails and other beverages. Bar mats are made of various materials, but one of the most popular and practical is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Thanks to their properties bar mats from PVC are extremely durable, easy to clean and have non-slip properties.

What are the functions of bar mats from PVC?

Bar mats perform many important functions. The most important of these, however, include:

  • protection of the bar top – the mat protects the bar top from mechanical damage such as scratches and knocks. As a result, the countertop retains its aesthetic appearance for longer,
  • stabilisation of dishes – PVC bar mats have anti-slip properties, which makes dishes placed on them stable and, on the other hand, it is harder spill drinks,
  • absorption of excess liquid – thanks to its structure, a bar mat from PVC absorbs excess liquid that may get onto the worktop when working with dishes. This keeps the tabletop dry and clean,
  • aesthetics – PVC bar mats are available in a variety of colours and designs, so they can be adapted to match your bar décor.

What features should a bar mat from PVC have?

By choosing PVC bar mats that can be found in the offer of the manufacturer of plastic products, Noex, one should first of all pay attention to their durability, anti-slip properties and ease of cleaning. A good bar mat should be resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion. It is also crucial that a mat ensures the stability of the dishes as well as safety for the bartender.  What is more, bar mats should fit into the aesthetics of the premises and complement its arrangement. It is therefore good to choose a model that fits the bar’s décor and the style with which the whole place is associated.


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