Why Do Some Mattress Brands Offer Free Trials

When you see advertisements for mattresses, what you will typically see is that they are going to offer the mattresses that they are selling at a discount. They may have a promotional offer that is available only till the end of the week, or they may have a firesale where they will sell as many mattresses that they can in 24 hours. There is a new trend that is occurring right now which is offering free trials. This simply means that they will send you the mattress, and if you do not like it within 30 days, you can send it back. There is a certain psychological philosophy that is used with this type of marketing. Let’s discuss what that is and why this can be very helpful in selling more mattresses.

Do Free Trials Work Better Than Promotional Offers?

When you see a free trial offer, and then you see another advertisement with a special promotion for the same mattress, you might wonder what more people will take advantage of. First of all, it does say the word free, and this is going to attract people anyway. However, when they realize that they can try out the mattress for a specified period of time, they may actually purchase the mattress for the regular retail price instead of going with the promotion because of this aspect of their marketing.

Is This Something That Is Relatively New?

Although this marketing strategy is relatively new, it has been around for decades. It is just more widely used than ever before. People are always looking at what other companies are doing, and what marketing techniques that they are using that are making them successful, and free trials tends to be a very successful way to market anything. They know that once a person becomes accustomed to that mattress, they are likely not to consider getting a refund. It is for this reason that this particular type of marketing is becoming more widely used, and why many people today think that it is a new marketing technique.

Why Mattress Companies Offer Free Trials

The first reason that they do this is that it eliminates any possible risk. For example, if you have ever purchased a product online, typically a digital product, they will give you a 30 day moneyback guarantee. They will honor that guarantee, regardless of why you are asking for a refund. They do this so that you are not inhibited by your fears about whether or not the product works. In the same way, mattresses are offered with a free trial option, usually anywhere from seven days to an entire month. It is during this time that you can determine whether or not it is helping you sleep better, or if it provides the back support that you have been looking for.

Is This Really Helpful In Marketing Mattresses?

For the most part, this strategy can truly help mattress companies sell more mattresses. First of all, most of the people that purchase mattresses that offer a free trial are not going to go to the trouble of returning it. They understand that, and that is why they continue to make these free trial offers. Second, since there is no risk in purchasing the mattress after they have made their payment, this will make them more relaxed about taking out their credit card and making the purchase at your store or online. Finally, free trials are a great way of introducing people to your company. You may be the only one that is currently offering this type of a deal on a specific type of mattress. If you had to pick between a company that is selling a mattress at the regular price, or a company that is offering a promotional code with a free trial offer, you are going to choose the free trial offer every time.

From the standpoint of a person that is thinking about a free trial offer, they may not realize the psychology behind it. It is designed to put down the defenses of potential customers, allowing them to cross over and become someone that makes a purchase. Additionally, once someone has had a chance to test out your mattress, and if it makes them feel better, they are likely not going to return it to your company. It is based upon this philosophy, understanding how the human mind works, that they are able to sell more mattresses than ever before by offering free trial offers on the mattresses that they sell.


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